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Yarra Junction Primary School (Body Image Programs)
We found it really fun and just wanted to say thanks for making the effort to come see us and share all your advice about Self Esteem and positive body image. We were really influenced by your speeches and the day was a excellent experience. Our mothers were impressed and wished that they had that workshop as a girl in Grade 6.
Grade 6 Students

St Johns Regional College
Last year you came out and visited our yr 11 VCAL Class and the kids really enjoyed it.
VCAL Co-ordinator

Presbyterian Ladies College
The girls enjoyed your talk immensely. For so many it was just what they needed to lift their mood & keep positive for the last 2 weeks of term.
VCE Coordinator

Gilmore Girls College
I’m from Gilmore Girls College. You spoke to me and the rest of the yr 12’s at our study camp in Hepburn Springs on Tuesday. I just wanted to say how intrigued I was with what you were saying and that my full attention was on you. I just want to say thank you.
Yr 12 student

St Patricks College – Townsville
Reports from your talk were nothing but glowing.
VCE Coordinator

Mentone Girls College
Thanks again for your entertaining and inspiring presentation to our Year 12 girls from Mentone Girl’s Secondary College.
Yr 12 Coordinator

Kilvington Girls Grammar
Thanks for your great presentation the other day – the girls thought it was fantastic hearing what you had to say and it was a great start to our Careers day and camp week.
Head of Senior School

St Catherine’s College
The feedback from this years’ girls was amazing. I even had parents ringing saying their daughters have not stopped talking about your presentation on their camp.
VCG Coordinator

Trinity Boys Gammar School – Kew
Thank you Sacha for your level of enthusiasm and engagement with our boys, it was excellent. Your contribution was most valuable.
Tom Delahunty
Careers Coordinator

Notre Dame College – Shepparton
Sacha is an easy going, youth loving, encouraging, and fun person!! She has helped me to achieve something that I only used to dream about, she has made it real! I have always wanted to work on radio and she got me a contact and i had work experience in a real Melbourne Radio Station. She is a wonderful person who can help anyone in anyway, Sacha is awesome!! Thankyou so much Sacha for all you have done for me! Sacha believes is everyone and gives everybody a chance! Thank you heaps!
Dan Kelly
Year 12 Student

Mater Christie College
Sacha was down to earth and very much in touch with the students needs and interests, she had their full attention for the whole seminar. The students were inspired by her and were full of questions. The seminar was enjoyed by the students and deemed most valuable by staff.
Gail Donald
Work Experience Co-ordinator

Mater Christie College
It was such an inspirational talk you gave at my school. You are an awesome public speaker.
(Year 10 student)

Sacred Heart College, Geelong
Sacha emphasises the importance of taking a positive approach and having commitment to ensuring that goals are dreams are realised. The presentation is extremely worthwhile; the students interacted enthusiastically with her and thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. They left feeling like they could achieve their dreams. I have no hesitation recommending Sacha Kaluri.
Jane Holt
Careers Co-ordinator

St Margaret’s
I just wanted to thank you for your time at our school. I am grateful to have spent time with such an interesting person and someone who has not forgotten what it is like to be 15. You are funny, down to earth and get your point across so well about how to turn everything into a positive experience.
(Year 10 Student)

Sunbury Secondary College
My friends and I just wanted to tell you how inspired we were after your talk at our school. You made us realise that we have one life to live and you have to take a risk to have everything you want. I really got what you said about going for what you want. Thanks.
(Year 12 Student)

Killester College
Thank you for coming to our school. You were truly inspiring. What you said was definitely worthwhile listening to. You made a difference to a lot of people at our school. Thank you for making us believe that anything is possible.
(Year 11 student)

Sunbury Downs Secondary College
You motivated me a lot to go for my dream job. I am now excited to get started on my career. Thanks.
(Year 12 student)

Overnewton Anglican College
You helped motivate me to do well and study for my exams.
(Year 12 student)

Sunbury Downs Secondary College
The students and staff appreciated Sacha’s honesty and frankness about her experiences after leaving school. Her dynamic presentation was entertaining, motivating and inspirational. Feedback from all involved indicated how much they enjoyed and benefited from Sacha’s contribution.
Michael Lynch
VCE Co-ordinator

Banksia Secondary College
I would just like to say that your speech was grouse and very cool. Out of all the guest speakers we have had. You are the best.
(Year 9 student)

Berwick Secondary College
I just have to say that your talk to our year 12’s was really great and it made me think about things that I have never thought about.
(Year 12 student)

South Oakleigh Secondary College
The kids loved you! I got great reviews. Thank so much for coming out to our school. I will definitely book you again.
Megan Dixson
VCAl Coordinator

Balwyn High School
I wish to thank you for coming out to our Year 12 Induction Day. The students found your challenging and entertaining story a very positive platform on which to contemplate the year ahead and beyond. They now have an understanding that failure is not permanent and success is still there for the taking. Thank you for encouraging the students to identify their passion and pursue that passion to find a fulfilling and worthwhile career regardless of disappointments. The students appreciated you remaining after the ceremony to talk with them on a casual basis and respond to their questions. We look forward to working with you again.
Raelene Curwood
Director Student Services

Altona Secondary College
“The motivational speaker was very very good.”
“I think that Sacha was very good and she rulz!”
“Sacha motivated me to do my best and she showed me that I can achieve what I want.”
“Sacha gave me confidence to try harder and I realised I don’t have to do something I hate.”
“Sacha gave me lots of positive thoughts, it got me thinking about my future and it motivated me a lot.”
(Year 12 Student comments)

Women’s Health In The North
A sincere thank you for your fantastic presentation. We have lots of presenters along to speak to our group and I would have to say that you really stood out from the rest. You provided some very valuable insights, which definitely help people to conquer their self-doubt and move towards achieving their dreams. It was great to hear from a woman who isn’t afraid to talk about the realities and pressures of business whilst still highlighting the personal satisfaction.
Kath Deakin
Community Development

Sling Shot Youth Self Employment – Melbourne
“It was the motivation I needed, I’m fired up!”
“It was inspirational and easy to relate to.”
“The mantra ‘Keep it Real’ was refreshing!”
“She made me feel like I can be confident, positive and believe in what I am doing.”
“I will use her fearlessly positive attitude and stay motivated.”
“I learnt to keep organized, be positive, keep a diary and keep track of what’s going on!”
“I am now a fan of Sacha Kaluri, so everything she said was relevant. I look forward to hearing her speak again.”
(Sling Shot student comments)

Camberwell Anglican Girls Grammar School
What a sensational way to start our careers program. Our Girls related to Sacha so very well to her honest vital talk. Sacha gave them lots to think about for the years beyond VCE.
Many Thanks.
Jill Dummsday
VCE Coordinator

Kyneton Secondary College
Thank you very much for coming along and sharing your motivation with our girls on International Women’s Day 2006.
Careers Coordinator

Wangaratta Youth Council
Thank you so much for coming out all this way to visit the young people of Wangaratta during their Leadership Camp. It was great.
Cathy Warnock
Youth Officer

St Columbus College, Essendon
Thank you so much to Sacha for her wonderful talk to our Year 10’s. Sacha was an outstanding success and our careers day got off to a wonderful start with her presentation. Without exception the students feedback described her presentation as “highly valuable, inspirational and motivating”. Many students said they would definitely follow her advice.
Ann Kearney
Careers VET Coordinator

Oakleigh South Secondary College
“I feel like I have benefited from Sacha’s talk, and it will improve my life.”
“I thought Sacha was really cool, she spoke to us like she was close to our age.”
“Sacha was cool and very funny. It made me think about what I want to do in life. I now know I have lots of opportunities.”
“Sacha was down to earth and I could relate to her. I think the rest of the school should hear her speak too.”
“Sacha really does understand what teenagers go through, she was cool.”
“She taught me to learn from my mistakes. She is a very influential person.”
(Year 11 Student comments)



There are no such things as mistakes, just learning experiences

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