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Sacha’s top four tips to make life easier!

1. Get to know yourself!
You are going to spend a lot of time with yourself in your life. So you need to know the most important person in your world…YOU… better than you know anyone else. I like to write a journal whenever I can. I write all my feelings down, not necessarily all the things I have done. There is no right or wrong way of putting it all down on paper. Just get it out of your mind, clear some space, have all your thoughts out so you feel much clearer. My mind races with thoughts every single moment of the day. Some thoughts are positive and some are negative. All of them have an impact on how I feel during the day. The purpose of writing it all down, (or even talking into a microphone and taping it) is so that it stops the race of all the thoughts and it just makes things seem so much easier to handle. Try it… I hope you love it as much as I do.

 2. Sleep!
Sometimes it feels like I work a million hours in a day and then I want to go out and see my friends and family. So the one thing I can sometimes lack is sleep. When I have days of minimal sleep I become restless, irritable and my life seems to become an emotional roller coaster. After a good sleep, life just seems so much more refreshing and all the tasks of the day seem like a breeze. Its important to get at least 8 hours a day. I know sometimes its impossible, but try, (and too much sleep is not good either, it can make you feel low and disconnected from the world). So get a good nights sleep as much as you can.

3. Gratitude!
This is my favorite thing of all. Being thankful for what you have in life. Looking at your life with meaning and knowing there are always things to be thankful for, even the in worst days. I have a little mesh bag that I keep in my pocket most days. In it are five rocks. (I have five little crystal rocks, but you can really use any rocks). They are my gratitude rocks. Over the course of the day I make it my goal to think of five things I am grateful for. As I think of each one, I move one rock from one pocket to another. I also write them down in my journal. Being thankful for what you have brings in a positive energy into your life so that more good things can come. It’s the law of attraction.

Movies to see

I love movies, I have found three movies I love and really recommend. They all get you motivated to make your life better.

  • The Secret – It’s all about the Law of Attraction and how to make all your dreams come true. It’s a documentary, not nerdy at all, give it a go.
  • The Pursuit of Happiness – Staring Will Smith and his real son. It’s a real story about overcoming life’s biggest obstacles. I love it.
  • Conversations with God – This is a brilliant movie, I loved it. It made me realize that anything is possible and also journal writing is always worth it.


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