Who am I and who do I want to be? Design your LIFE!

Approximately up to 20 students per group

Duration: 2 hours

Especially designed for VCAL students or those students that need that extra special attention, self esteem boost and goal setting ideas.

One of the top key points to setting goals is visualizing what is that you want. Rather than writing down goals, this fun activity is where the students get to put it all out on a big poster that they can clearly see. The more they see it in their mind, the more chance they have of it all coming together, to make it happen. Students get to put clippings from magazines, newspapers, photos, positive quotes and goals on a big poster. They have their first real chance to design their life in a fun and creative way. The purpose of having Sacha Kaluri run this session is, she is already an innovative thinker, she gets students to think in ways that they would never have even thought was possible, she has high energy, a down to earth nature, extensive experience and innate ability to relate with young people. Sacha connects with young people encourages them and gets them look at what is possible even if the stakes are down.

Sacha also puts big questions to the group for discussion while they are creating.

  • If I could design my own life, how would I design it?
  • What have I already learnt about self esteem?
  • What qualities do I like in myself?
  • What qualities do I see in others that I don’t like and sometimes see them in myself?
  • Who do I want to become?
  • Who am I now and what are my values? And many more questions.

This 2 hour session is a real chance for students to delve into themselves and ask themselves, who am I now, and who do I want to become?




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April 20, 2016