Careers Motivational Seminar

How to choose the career of your dreams, so that you can live the life that you desire

No minimum and no maximum amount of students.

Duration: 55 minutes.

Great for whole year levels especially VCE Students.

Sacha holds a very educating but entertaining session for young people to have a look at where they want to go in life and get them to ask themselves, “What do I really want to do when I start my career?” And most importantly, “How can I be paid well for what I love doing the most.”

Sacha shares lots of stories and experiences from her own life. Of how she invented her own career and always followed her dreams. Most of all Sacha asks them to look outside the square and look at their lives. She makes them delve inside and ask themselves, “How can I perhaps invent my own career?” Sacha also shows them how it can be done, with clear examples of how other people have been there and done that.

So many students have no direction, but it does not mean that they are lacking in talent in specific areas. Sometimes all it takes is someone to show them the way and tell them that it is all possible. “I show them that their only limitations is their imagination!” says Sacha. Giving them a goal to work towards and teaching them that life is meant to be fun!

This program can be done with just girls, boys or a mixed group.



Posted on

July 4, 2016