Keynote Speech: Stress Management for Girls

How to Survive Year 11 and 12 with Relying on Caffeine and Chocolate

Duration: 50 minutes.

Why is this presentation only for girls? Well girls and boys think differently, they “STRESS OUT” over different things! Sacha Kaluri has spent so much of her life “Stressing Out” over school, work, money, relationships, image and a million more things. Sacha believes in order to give a keynote speech; you need to be an expert on the topic. Well she is a girl, which has spent years trying to figure out how to control her stressful life and thoughts, while leading a very full and packed in life (that some people would say is stressful). Once she finally learnt how juggle and organise her life with all its stresses, she wanted to save all the girls out there from going through the same things. Sacha has spent hours and hours developing strategies for young girls, on how to combat stress and now its time to pass on the information. They are not clinical strategies (this is certainly not a boring death by Power Point Presentation) these are real life things that your students can take away with them and implement straight away.

Through audience interaction, stories, strategies, comedy and entertainment, Sacha teaches girls how to deal with all the “stuff” that gets handed to you while doing your senior years at school.
Sacha says, “Stress is a normal part of life, its not what life hands you, its how you deal with it. Let’s teach these girls the easiest way to deal with stress”!

Sacha Kaluri has been referred to as one of Australia’s Leading Youth Careers Ambassadors and the most Real and Down to Earth Youth Motivational Speaker. Sacha ACTIVATES young people to open the path, to make the first step in their career. She gets them EXCITED about loving the choices that are possible. Then INSPIRING students to making a choice and MOTIVATING them to do the research and all that it takes to get them to where they want to be. Sacha gives young people CONFIDENCE to make their own choices!




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April 20, 2016