Dealing with Bullying/Cyber Bullying

How to Become Resilient (We all have the right to feel safe)

Minimum 6, maximum 30 students, or sessions can be held for a whole year level.

Duration: 2 hours.

Suitable for all year levels.

Bullying is identifiable by all ages in all areas, thus this is a program applicable for everybody; males, females, all year levels, students and teachers. Everyone sometime in their lives has felt the humiliation of bullying. This very interesting and essential program covers topics such as:

  • How to identify a bully, in real life or the internet
  • Different bullying tactics and how to combat them
  • What is happening on the internet and how to behave
  • The laws, rules and regulations as to what the consequences are to what is going on with the internet/social networking sites/mobile phone.
  • How to recognise and deal with bullies and why people actually bully people.
  • Real strategies on what to do if it’s happening to you.

It is a very interactive program and lots of group discussion is stimulated. There are many varied activities to encourage the participants to become involved. The most important factor covered is the ability to deal with the bulling itself. Seminars are also offered to teachers as to how to deal with the bullying/cyber bullying going on within the school and what to follow up with for students after the program/activities that can be done in classes after the session.



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April 21, 2016